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ZIGJOY Baby Swaddle Blanket Easy Adjustable Infant Swaddles Sleep Sack 100% Cotton Comfortable

Color: Color
Hand Wash Only
100% Cotton: The Baby swaddle blanket is made of super soft 100% cotton. Safe, soft, comfortable and skin-friendly. Sweat-absorbing and breathable swaddling blankets keep newborns comfortable without overheating.Easy to wash and dry, do not worry about shrinkage after washing.
High quality: The baby swaddle blanket contain no snaps or buttons,a 3-way pull headband provides extra safety and softness for your newborn. Swaddling bags can reduce stress and prevent the startle reflex of newborn babies. You can enjoy more sleep when your baby learns to comfort himself.
Easy to use: Easy to change the diaper ,the inverted zipper opens from the bottom.Just move the zipper under the baby sleeping bag to the appropriate position to prevent the baby from catching cold, so that the novice mother more convenient operate.
Ergonomically designed: 3-way baby sleeping bag is convenient to use, it can be used as a crawling.When the startle reflex of 6-12 months old baby disappears, you can cut the hem and stretch out baby’s foot.Loose it can provide space for baby's hips and legs, and also provide a comfortable and safe sleeping environment for the baby.
A-shaped design: Sleep sack’s upper is narrow and the lower is wide, which meets the needs of baby’s growth and development. The upper body is narrow to prevent baby's hands from moving at night , so that he can sleep peacefully. Lower body is wide. M-shaped sleeping position is good for baby's leg development.