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Water Drop Type Transparent Furniture Corner Corner Table Corner Anti-bump Protective Sleeve Silicone Anti-collision Strip Baby Protector


Material: PVC




1. Water drop shape: The shape of the water drop is small and flexible, such as the water drop is soft and elastic, suitable for a variety of environmental ranges.

2. We use a super strong adhesive that covers all three undersides of our edge protectors for extra security.

3. Our tougher PVC material has the optimum density to absorb impact, won't discolor and peel over time, and is supportive for a long time.

4. SAFETY: Our furniture edge protectors are chemical-free, they're also odorless, giving you peace of mind, and every batch is independently quality-tested to American standards.

5. Unlike other protectors, which peel off the finish or gloss when removed, ours peels off easily when heated with a hair dryer. No need to worry about damaging your furniture.