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Stainless Steel Insert Meat Needle Home Meat Tenderizer Tool Meat Tenderizer

Color: Color


Steel Weight: 200g

Size: 5*5*19CM




1. Easy to use: conforming to the human body design, comfortable and non-slip in the hand, very comfortable to hold in the hands.

2. Sturdy design: unique handle material and high quality stainless steel material makes the meat more tender

3. Easy to clean: after use, just soak in the detergent for a few minutes, you can clean very clean

4. Unique function: the high quality stainless steel needle on the tenderizer can cut the meat tissue, allowing the marinade or seasoning powder to be absorbed by steak, chicken, poultry, pancetta faster, creating a more delicious and juicy effect.

5. Product positioning: enables meat to be cooked more evenly; reduces the cooking time of meat foods, making it a quality tool in the kitchen.