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Sitz Bath for Toilet Seat Designed for Soothing and Relieving

Color: Color
Material: PET Plastic
Weight: 500g
Size: 40*40*12cm

1.The sitz bath is made of PET environmental-friendly plastic. Ergonomic and non-slip design make you sit comfortably. Especially safer for pregnant and the elderly.
2.Can help relief painful itching from inflammation, bladder or prostate infections, menstrual cramps plus more. Use our sitz bath for hemorrhoids, a vaginal steaming seat or a relaxing postpartum sitz bath.
3.No bathtub needed, just put it over the toilet seat and add warm boiled water (30-40 degree C). Then relax and enjoy the magic steam soak after sitting back!
4.Fits most standard toilets (Elongated, Oval, commode or any style of toilet seat) and most shower chairs! Hook design makes the basin can be hung on the wall, no more messy, more clean and hygienic.
5.Sitz bath for postpartum care, perineal pain, discomfort and more is fast, convenient, effective and healing.