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Silicone Wine Stopper Bottle Stoppers Bottle Cap

Material: Silicone
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 1.97 x 1.97 x 0.79 inches
Color: Red, White, Blue
Shape: Hat

1. KEEP YOUR UNFINISHED WINE FRESH! A bottle stopper is an amazingly simple gadget that will nonetheless save the day in your fridge. When the original cork simply won’t go back into the bottle, wine bottle stoppers come to the rescue: they prolong the noble drink’s life and keep the flavors sealed inside for the next time you open the bottle. Bottle stoppers don’t have to be boring, though: this one’s shaped like an ornate knit beanie with a pom-pom to give the bottle a warm and cozy look.
2. LEAKPROOF AND SAFE. This silicone wine stopper reliably seals the bottle, making it airtight and preventing the wine itself or its volatile aromas from escaping. Silicone bottle caps are a particularly good choice in that they are flexible and can fit different bottles. These cute wine stoppers can also act as champagne stoppers: keep the bubbles in! The material that each wine plug in the set is made of is also food grade, and dishwasher-safe: healthy and convenient!
3. FOR MORE THAN WINE BOTTLES! Find more uses for these reusable wine corks: bottle stoppers for alcohol (if your whiskey comes in corked bottles) and non-alcoholic drinks, champagne saver, and bottle stoppers for glass bottles generally—perhaps, bottles where you store sauces or other condiments. These are decorative wine stoppers, too: the beanie design makes the wine stoppers cute, so they will look nice in the fridge or on a shelf. Discover many ways a wine closer can be handy in the kitchen.
4. FOCUS ON FUN & FUNCTIONALITY. We are like to design unique kitchen gadgets that will liven up your kitchen, diversify your culinary repertoire, and make spending time in the kitchen more fun. We develop cute kitchen gadgets and funny kitchen gadgets (because it’s amazing how those simple things can make their owners and their owners’ dinner guests smile), but we never compromise functionality: our practical and cool gadgets can become your helpful assistants.
5. MAKES A PERFECT GIFT. Wine stoppers (funny ones especially) make a humble yet charming gift for anyone who enjoys an occasional glass of wine and doesn’t mind experimenting with their kitchen paraphernalia. This cute wine stopper will surely be appreciated by wine lovers among your friends.