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Silicone Dinosaur Night Light


Dinosaur Night Light for Kids, Cute Dinosaur Gifts Toys for Boys Girls, Color Changing Squishy Silicone Dino Night Lights for Babies Bedroom, LED Bedside Nursery Lamp for Toddlers Room

Color Remote
Style Modern
Light Source Type LED
Power Source Battery Powered
Shade Material Silicone

 【Many uses】 They make excellent lighting systems for storage rooms, cabinet lights, room lights, kitchen lights, and general home decoration lights. It is also very suitable for children's bedrooms, making them feel comfortable.

【Overnight companion】 You can use this light when reading with your child in bed before going to bed. It can also be used in the bathroom, kitchen, or bedroom, so you can easily get up at night, drink water or use the bathroom in the dark. It can avoid turning on the main light to affect the lover's sleep.

【Soft material】 It is made of soft material, so it will not break or hurt when dropped). And it's not heavy, so you don't have to worry about whether your baby will play with it. The silicone shell is durable and easy to wipe/disinfect/clean. If you have children, they may want to sleep with this thing, and it is absolutely soft enough to sleep!