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Sealant Clay, Fire Retardant Waterproof Repair Sealing Clay, Repair Wall Holes and Seal Gap Fillers


Material:Polyurethane rubber




1. Perfect Repair: Waterproof Repair Sealing Clay may be the fastest solution to filling a hole or crack!

2. High plasticity: According to the thickness of the wall and the size of the gap, it is easy to deform, and it can completely fit the air conditioning holes, pipe connections, socket holes, etc.

3. Excellent leak prevention: ideal solution for filling pipe holes/cracks. Prevent any kind of water leakage, such as preventing rainwater from returning indoors.

4. Quick drying: very high elasticity. Premixed cement with independent cooling. Automatically fix objects after 10 minutes of air-drying.

5. Wide range of applications: It can be used for wall repair and crack filling repair (such as air conditioning pipes, mouse holes, etc.), and can also be used for installation, fixation and repair of various pipe fittings and equipment.