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Portable Pop-up Storage Box for Jewelry Case, Small Object, Cotton Swab, Mini Storage Box with Lid

Material: PP
Weight: 63/80g
Size: Round 9.5*7.5cm/Square 10.5*9.5*5.4cm

1. PP, durable to use. Smooth surface without burrs.
2.Design by pop-up storage box, can open after pressing, easy and simple to operate.
3.The storage box can be used to store hair accessories, stationery, jewelry, beauty products, cotton swabs, band-aid, needlework. Rubber bands, etc.
4.You can stick the label on the box and put it in the drawer, so you can find the things you need easily and conveniently.It can help you sort out the small items on your desktop in order.
5.Keep your desk clean and tidy, and you do n’t need to worry about not finding your gadgets.