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Portable Basket for Baby Cotton Woven Multi-colour Baby Out and about Portable Foldable Sleeping Basket

Color: Color

Material: Cotton/Polyester Fibres

Product: Basket /Cushion



Size: 70*40*25cm


1. Safe, portable and lightweight: safe and comfortable to transport with a soft recline, suitable for babies from 0-12 months old. Comfortable and sturdy base to support baby's weight Contoured and padded sides for baby's safety Easy to carry, baby lies in the carrycot for better relaxation and to calm down whenever and wherever you are tired of playing outdoors, giving baby the most comfortable and portable "safe room".

2. Enhances baby's sense of security: the portable carrycot is inspired by the mother's state of pregnancy and provides a comfortable and relaxing familiar environment and place for baby. Safety first, we care about your baby's safety.

3. Preferred materials: woven with high quality cotton, easy to clean, white and soft lining, odourless, non-fluorescent, soft and smooth to the touch, skin-friendly and breathable.

4. Foldable function design, whether you are travelling by car or aeroplane, you can carry it with you without taking up more space This product is a portable basket for outdoor babies.

5. Note:The carrycot does not come with a matching mat, please buy one separately if needed. Size of the carrycot: 70*40*25cm; size of the mat: 66*42*2cm .Eco-friendly cotton rope material with a load capacity of around 25kg .