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Monarch Butterfly Side View


The monarch butterfly is traditionally regarded as souvenir of relatives and symbol of pure love. They seemed to kiss in the sky, and accompanied by beautiful wings in the sun.


  • Perfect window decoration: A beautiful colored glass two monarchs butterfly-shaped sunscreen is a perfect home window decoration, and it is also an exquisite gift for any occasion. I believe that your mother, grandmother, wife, girlfriend, sister, or friend will fall in love with him. 
  • Commemorative value: The monarch butterfly is traditionally regarded as a souvenir of relatives and a symbol of pure love. They seemed to kiss in the sky and were accompanied by beautiful wings in the sun. 
  • Good meaning: Now that the monarch butterfly is extinct, we may never see such a beautiful butterfly again. We hope to use this exquisite crystal pendant to awaken people's thinking on the protection of monarch butterflies. 
  • Unique memorial gift: This is a splendid window hanging decoration that attracts everyone's attention. There is no doubt that this is a unique memorial gift for the loss of a loved one.

High-quality: The monarch butterfly on the branches are made of metal materials and use an epoxy process