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Manual Suction Hose Portable Manual Car Fuel Transfer Pump For Gasoline Gasoline Diesel Liquid Water Fish Tank, With 2M Hose(CAR59)

Material: EVA+PE
Size: 25*32*8cm

1. High flow manual siphon pump: using L2m D20mm durable extended thickened transparent PVC pipe, resistant to oil, high temperature and corrosion, so that the pump conveys faster, pumping 10L/Min.
2. Easy to use: Built-in outlet and inlet valves to prevent backflow, direct extraction and liquid flow out within 5 seconds. Arrows indicate the direction of flow.
3. Multifunctional: Lightweight and portable manual transfer pump, ideal for vehicles without anti-theft filters, such as lawn mowers, irrigation cutters, hedge trimmers, etc.
4. Versatile: The manual pump is suitable for fuel gasoline diesel gasoline water and other common liquids, and can also be used as a water changer for your fish tank at home.
5. Note: The fluid you try to extract must be higher than the inlet bucket. The fitting end must remain inside the fluid, not just on the surface.