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Foldable Broom and Dustpan Set

Material: PET Plastic
Weight: 700g
Size: 25*10*45cm

1.Broom snaps can be disassemble to occupy minimum space as possible.
2.Broom's head is rotatable, Broom head clicks into place at different angles with a tap of your foot,Great for ergonomic sweeping, accessing tight spaces and reaching into ceiling corners.
3.Dustpan features teeth which can comb out dirt and dust from Broom bristles, and with the help of the dustpan edge’s rubber, you can sweep dust and small dirt.
4.Long handle broom and large-capacity dustpan perfect for sweeping large areas and long handle allow you to Stand upright for comfortable sweeping.
5.Broom snaps to Dustpan for upright storage and can be disassemble to occupy minimum space as possible when moving.