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Car Tire Stone Cleaning Hook Multifunctional Portable Tire Stone Removal Tool

Material: Metal
Weight: 150g
Size: 31cm

1.Three Angle Design: Three different hook designs, barb hook, right angle hook and pick hook. This special design can easily solve the jam problem
2.A Must Have Tool: If the sundries stuck in the tire are not removed for a long time, it will affect the grip performance of the tire, increase tire noise, and cause problems such as flat tires. In order to ensure your safety during driving, it is necessary to use this stone clearing ditch to clean up tire debris in time
3.Powerful Function: This auto tire stone cleaning hook can clean up various tire inserts, such as stones, broken glass, reduce tire noise, reduce abnormal tire damage, and extend tire service life
4.Built-in Screwdriver: The car tire cleaning hook is detachable. Put it in the storage tank or trunk of the car door. Very convenient car tire maintenance and cleaning tools, easy to carry and save car space.
5.High Standard: This portable tire stone removal tool is made of high-hardness zinc alloy head and stainless steel rod. In addition, the handle is made of soft rubber, which is non-slip and durable.