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Car Seat Belt Shoulder Protector Cute Car Seat Belt Anti-strangulation Protective Cover Car Interior Decorations

Color: Color

Material: Polyester + Slow rebound memory foam
Weight: 520g
Size: 22 * 7 * 7cm


1. Unique appearance: decorate the interior of the car and add beauty.
2. Delicate design: lovely shape, good workmanship, soft texture and durable material.
3. Provide a sense of comfort: internal soft padding and leather for your neck chest and collarbone to provide additional comfort, greatly reducing the seat belt shoulder rubbing skin friction and irritation.
4. Easy to clean: protective cover can be machine washable, dry cleaning or warm water, natural drying.
5. Universal style: suitable for most models, can be used for cars, trucks, suv, airplanes, buses and trains.