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Car Safety Hammer Flashlight, Window Breaker Seat Belt Cutter, Multifunctional Emergency Escape Tool (CAR103)

Color: Color
Weight: 200g
Size: 18*7*6CM

1. Car safety hammer includes: seat belt cutter, window circuit breaker, rescue siren, high strength magnet, mobile Power supply, USB charging and discharging, solar charging, one key switch.
2. The left side of our safety hammer head is equipped with a high hardness alloy solid window breaker, which is safer and stronger than the hollow hammer body, and can easily break the car window glass. Equipped with a cutter on the right side, you can easily cut the seat belt to escape and save your life in an emergency. It adds a protective cover design, which is safer to use and protects the vehicle from unnecessary damage.
3. Three main light modes - high/medium/flash provide you better protection in the dark. The farthest lighting distance of the flashlight can reach 500 meters.
4. The ultra-long battery life power bank is charged through solar energy or USB interface, and can be used to charge mobile phones/tablets/iPads in emergency situations, it is a must-have tool for the outdoors.
5. The high-strength magnet can be easily attached to the car shell and iron parts, which is convenient to use when you need to free your hands. It is a gift for your parents, husband, wife, siblings, friends A great gift and a must-have tool for hiking and camping, it can help you in the unexpected and get out of a dangerous emergency.