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Car Lumbar Cushion Car Back Cushion Car lumbar pillow driver seat lumbar support lumbar support car lumbar support cushion(CAR93)

Color: Color
Material: polyester
Weight: 400g/700
Size: 40*30*10cm/40*30*15cm

1. Ergonomic Design: The lumbar support pillow is ergonomically contoured and can be placed anywhere on the back of the chair, suitable for people of any height, with just a little adjustment, it can support your back and waist while gently protecting and strengthening the muscles , relieve muscle fatigue.
2. Dynamic memory foam: The lumbar pillow adopts dynamic rebound memory foam, which rebounds slowly in 3-5 seconds to fully support the lower back and evenly distribute the pressure on the lower back.
3. Product fabric: The lumbar pillow is made of four-season fabric, with fine texture, good softness, elegant style, full color, good air circulation, good heat dissipation, and the pillow surface is removable and washable.
4. Wide range of applications: the right size, lightweight and portable, 6 colors are available. Compatible with most office chairs, car seats, wheelchairs, gaming chairs, reclining chairs, home chairs or seats, airplanes or trains, ideal for office workers, drivers, teachers, students, people in wheelchairs, pregnant women, etc.
5. Fitting with the car: It fits perfectly with your car seat, and it is not easy to slide and shift when the frame is pressed against