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Car jack hand-cranked car with a special tool for tire changing SUV car on-board tool set(CAR88)

Material:Steel plate

1. Load bearing: Please choose a suitable jack according to the weight and body shape of your car to ensure your use.
2. Two ways of handling - the scissor jack is equipped with a ratchet wrench for opening the scissor jack and closing the scissor jack. It will help you lift your vehicle faster with the handle tool.
3. Smart Mechanism - 90% less effort is required to lift the vehicle with an innovative ratchet system.
4. Flat tire repair - For any emergency, this scissor jack will help you change tires quickly and easily.
5. Reliable metal material - Made of high-quality thickened cold-rolled steel plate with anti-oxidation epoxy polyester spray paint coating on the surface, high hardness, anti-rust and corrosion resistance, our car scissor jack is strong and durable.