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Car Covered Trash Can - 2 Pack GM Mini Leak Proof Trash Can with Garbage Bag Organizer for Car Front Seat Office Bedroom Home(CAR86)


1. Ingenious design: The detachable design makes the mini trash can easy to install. It can be easily placed in various vehicles. Self-closing lid prevents litter from falling out and odors
2. Small appearance: The car trash can is a small but convenient and practical car trash can. It keeps your vehicle clean and organized without taking up other space in the car
3.Universal and easy to install: Car trash can be hung in the door "pocket", easy to install, also can be used in car, home, office, can be used as trash can, ashtray, cup holder or coin holder
4. Waterproof and leakproof: The trash can is made of waterproof plastic material, which provides maximum durability and longevity, with good waterproof performance
5. Bring garbage bags: keep the garbage cans clean, easy to collect garbage, you can easily throw the garbage bags into the garbage station when you get off the car