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Car Air Mattress Air Bed SUV Air Mattress Car Travel Bed Truck Air Mattress Car Sleeping Camping Trip, Hiking, Travel and Other Outdoor Activities(CAR52)

Color: Color
Material:Thick flocked fabric
Size: 13*30*31cm

1. The mattress and dock can be separated, so the mattress can be used like a normal camping mattress. The mattress can withstand the direct roll of the car without deforming or bursting and can continue to be used as usual.
2. The SUV air mattress is easy to carry and store. The back seat air mattress is perfect for travel, camping, hiking, adventure, indoor/outdoor activities, swimming, beach, garden and more. Keep your family, kids and pets comfortable.
3. The air mattress is made of high quality washable soft PVC flocking material, which ensures maximum strength, durability and comfort for long-term use.
4. The car air mattress is easy to inflate, equipped with a car power fast charging air pump, which is used to connect the car power socket, open the exhaust valve, press and release the air, double-layer air nozzle, so that the air can only enter, and it can quickly and easily Inflate.
5. This car air cushion is suitable for sedans, SUVs, MPVs (except the extended Lincoln), trucks, minibuses and minivans.