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Baby Soothing Towel PP Cotton Filled 4 Shapes 0-3 Years Old Cute Doll Importable Sleeping Baby Soothing Toy


Material:Polyurethane + PP cotton

Style: Lion/ Deer/ Elephant/ Rabbit


Size: 20*35cm


1. Made of high quality. This product is very soft and warm to help your baby fall asleep faster. A great companion to help your baby sleep soundly.

2. Creates a sense of security. The shape is designed to release the baby's unhappiness and stabilise the baby's mood.

3. Highly emotional design. Our colourful shapes and different fabric patchwork designs give your baby a different sense of touch and develop your baby's aesthetic sensibility.

4. Reasonable design, should and baby's grasp habit, conducive to the development of baby's strength.

5. Cleaning should be noted. Use neutral detergent, preferably hand wash, 40 degrees warm water to clean, the teether can not be disinfected at high temperature, it is best to buy two pieces for easy change.