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Baby Food Supplement Machine Cooking Machine Household Small Electric Mixer Mini Meat Grinder To Squeeze Juice






1. Complementary feeding machine: all babies from 4-6 months after birth can start adding complementary foods to their daily diet to promote nutrition in their bodies.

2. Health and safety. The baby food dispenser is made of BPA-free food grade material. The high borosilicate glass bowl is more hygienic and healthy, and with the stainless steel blade, you never have to worry about rusting.

3. Efficient puree making. The baby food processor is equipped with a sharp 304 stainless steel blade that makes purees in seconds. With just one click, you can make solid foods of different consistencies for your baby.

4. A wide variety of homemade foods. The baby food grinder can easily chop up a variety of vegetables, meats and fruits, with a large capacity to meet most of your baby's needs.

5. Easy to clean. Apart from the body, the baby food mixer can be easily disassembled and cleaned. The lid of the mixing bowl completely separates the mixing bowl from the main pot.