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Automatic Bounce Cigarette Box, Press-Type Cigarette Case Box (CAR104)

Color: Color
Weight: 170g
Size: 12*11* 6CM

1. The Latest Cigarette Case: This cigarette case is a desktop cigarette case with the latest design. With a gentle pressure, the cigarette will pop out, which is very cool. It is a creative gift for your friends, family and business partners. It can be used to store cigarettes indoors, office places, meeting tables,car and other places. It is convenient and elegant to take out cigarettes, combining appreciation and practicality.
2. Small Size: The mini size does not take up space and the shoelaces are convenient. You can put the Personalized Cigarette Case in the car. It is made of environmentally friendly ABS, sun-proof and heat-resistant
3. Clamshell Design: The stylish clamshell design can hold about 20 standard size cigarettes. When driving, when you want to smoke, you can easily take out the cigarette with just one tap.
4. How to protect:Please put the cigarette case in a place where there is no direct sunlight.Summer dashboard temperature is too high, the front glass refraction daylight temperature exceeds 80 °, easy to cause deformation.
5. If you encounter any troubles and problems, please feel free to tell us.