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5 Packs Car Sticky Mobile Phone Bracket Creative Multi-function Car Navigation Indoor Mobile Phone Bracket(CAR54)

Color: Color
Material: PVC
Size: 2.9*6.5*10cm

1. Easy installation: tear off the adhesive on the product and paste it in a suitable position to complete the installation. Both the center console and the rear seat can be installed, and you can choose between horizontal and vertical screens.
2. Special adhesive: It adopts special adhesive for automobiles, which has strong adhesive force and will not damage the interior of the car. It is stable to hold without worrying about falling.
3. Compatibility: Compatible with mainstream mobile phones below 6.8 inches, with strong applicability. (The thickness of compatible mobile phones cannot exceed 12mm)
4. Does not affect charging: the product reserves the location of the charging hole, and does not affect charging while using
5. Product material: PVC material, leather texture, strong sense of hierarchy.