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4 Pack Makeup Beauty Sponge Egg Blender with Case and Holder

Color: Color
Material: sponge
Weight: 50g
Size: 12*10*6

1.4 Beauty Eggs with Holder. The makeup applicator is packaged in a dust-proof box to avoid the interference of dust. Easy to carry, suitable for business trips and travel.
2. The makeup sponge is soft to the touch and has good elasticity. Gently dab evenly for a flawless, gorgeous finish.
3. Wet and dry use, the wet sponge will become larger. Dry sponge is suitable for foundation, BB cream, liquid foundation and concealer. Wet sponge for compact, eye shadow, lipstick, brow powder.
4. It does not absorb product, so it saves money and avoids waste; the rounded sides blend a large area of the face, the tip fits blemishes, and the flat edge fits the contours of the eyes and nose.
5. We recommend that you clean and dry in a ventilated place after each use. Whether you're a pro or a novice, these makeup sponges can easily be incorporated into your daily routine.