INSTAP Phone Sticker 3pcs

INSTAP Phone Sticker 3pcs

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NPC Black Technology

Brand: BUILDLIFE NFC anti-metal tag/normal NFC tag
Size: 30MM
Induction distance: 2-6cm


BUILDLIFE Instap is a way to quickly share personal information! When you use Instap to touch someone else's phone, you can choose to share all your personal social media or a single social media. They don’t need to install Instap software or Instap hardware to get your Instap homepage!

-It's a quick way to add friends metho when you get close

-Multiple/Single mode to switch single or multiple selections at will

-Change personal homepage link at any time

-Easily activate Instap patch

When you meet a friend who also uses Instap, you will automatically be added as a friend!

Connect instantly with a tap!