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2-piece Clip-on Polarized Night Vision Driving Glasses Blue Light Blocking Anti-glare UV-400 Blocker Worn Over Prescription Glasses(CAR39)

Color: Color

Material: Polyester + Slow rebound memory foam
Weight: 30g
Size: 2 * 3.7 * 13.3cm


1. Lightweight shape: suitable for regular prescription glasses night vision glasses clips for driving, you can put them on most large prescription glasses and remove them immediately.
2. Quality material: ultra-lightweight and highly scratch-resistant material, with a premium soft rubber sleeve design clip, can effectively prevent your regular prescription eyes from being scratched
3.Quality build: for driving will provide better night vision, it will reduce the blinding effect of other vehicles lights and improve your night vision contrast, so your night driving will be safer, especially when driving in rainy or foggy nights.
4. Functional design: Polarized clip-on glasses are polarized to prevent glare and block 100% of UV exposure, so they are perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities: fishing, driving, tracking, etc. ......
5. Multiple options: These polarized clip-on anti-glare eyes are available in a variety of colors to give you a cool and stylish look.