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16pcs Car Shock Absorbing Pads Car Door Shock Absorbing Rubber Pads Silicone Soundproofing Shockproof Door Crash Pads, Self Adhesive PVC Universal Car Bumper Door Edge Protector(CAR71)

Color: Color
Material:Silicone material
Size: 10*10*10cm

1. GM shock absorbers: They are generally suitable for most models, vehicles, SUVs, RVs, pickup trucks, etc.
2. Reliability: Using this door anti-collision sticker can effectively reduce the vibration when the door is opened and closed. The door guard can effectively protect the door from being scratched, and can also cover the original scratches.
3.Material: Made of high quality PVC material, high strength and durable.
4.Easy to install: Please clean the place to be pasted before use. There is tape on the back, you can paste it directly.
5. Fashion: Perfectly match your car, provide fashionable decoration style, make your car look brand new.