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Zigjoy Swaddle Blanket Baby Adjustable 2 Pack Infant Sleep Sack 100% Cotton

Color: Color
Blanket Form: Swaddle
Color: Green/Bright Yellow/Grey/Peach Pink
Fabric Type: Cotton

100% Cotton: The Baby swaddle blanket is made of super soft 100% cotton. Safe, soft, comfortable and skin-friendly. Sweat-absorbing and breathable swaddling blankets keep newborns comfortable without overheating. Easy to wash and dry, do not worry about shrinkage after washing.
Ergonomic Design: Adjustable baby swaddle blanket, gentle sticking, does not rub the baby's skin. As your baby grows, you can adjust the tightness of the swaddle blanket.
Set: A pack of 2 adjustable newborn swaddle set are easy to change and use, suitable for babies weighing 7-14 lbs (3.1-6.3 kg), up to 26 inches or 0-3 months old. Once your baby is big enough to roll over on his own, you can use it as a stylish and comfortable blanket.
High Qquality: The baby swaddle blanket do not contain zippers, snaps or buttons, providing extra safety and softness for your newborn. The slight pressure of the swaddling bag prevents the startle reflex that usually awakens the unborn baby, and when your baby learns to soothe himself, you can enjoy more sleep.
Easy to Use: When mommy changes her baby's diaper, she doesn't need to untie all the babies swaddling sack, just lift the leg straps to prevent the baby from catching cold and make it more convenient for novice mothers to operate.