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Zigjoy Baby Wearable Blanket with 2-Way Zipper 100% Cotton Wearable Blanket Baby Sleep Bag

Color: Color
Blanket Form: Swaddle
Product Dimensions:
  • 0-3 Month: 21.26"L x 11.8"W
  • 3-6 Month: 25.6"L x 13.4"W
  • 6-9 Month: 27.95"L x 14.57"W
Color: Grey/Brown/Mint Green/Pink/Purple
Fabric Type: Cotton

100% Cotton: The Baby swaddle blanket is made of super soft 100% cotton. Safe, soft, comfortable and skin-friendly. Sweat-absorbing and breathable swaddling blankets keep newborns comfortable without overheating. Easy to wash and dry, do not worry about shrinkage and deformation after washing.
High quality: The baby swaddle blanket contain no snaps or buttons,a 2-way pull headband provides extra safety and softness for your newborn. Swaddling bags can reduce stress and prevent the startle reflex of newborn babies. You can enjoy more sleep when your baby learns to comfort himself.
Ergonomic design:It has unique, spacious sack design, and there is a kicking space, but can not kick feet,keep the baby stay warm all night; It can be opened for activity while awake; At night, the space for feet can be closed. Loose it can provide space for the development of baby's hips and legs. Swaddling blanket can also provide a comfortable and safe sleeping environment for the baby.
Natural sleeping position.:The swaddle helps babies take their natural sleeping position. Both before and after birth, babies sleep with their arms on their heads. The Arms UP design is based on research into the way babies sleep and develop in the womb.
Easy to use: 10 seconds to put on and take off, easy to change the diaper ,the inverted zipper opens from the bottom.Just move the zipper under the baby sleeping bag to the appropriate position to prevent the baby from catching cold, so that the novice mother more convenient operate.