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Transparent Glue-free Stickers Scratch-resistant Moisture-proof Anti-dirty Latex Paint White Wall Protective Film Does Not Hurt The Wall


Material: OPP




1. No glue sticking: transparent textured tape, glue-free on the wall, no damage to the wall.

2. Technology protection: Contains billions of ions, forming a strong electrostatic adsorption force, electrostatic adsorption, to ensure the health of you and your family.

3. Clean environment: wall protection electrostatic stickers, waterproof and dirt-proof without hurting the wall, graffiti can be removed at will, adding or removing a barrier to the clean wall.

4. Product material: Made of PP healthy material, no heavy metals, stick and live, environmental protection and no peculiar smell.

5. Simple installation: With simple and clear installation instructions, it can be easily installed by one person, and it can perfectly apply film to the wall.