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Silicone Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder Set with Soap Dispenser

Color: Color
Material: PP, TPR
Weight: 280g
Size: 10*42cm

1.The toilet brush handle is made of strong and waterproof PP silicone material.
2.Button liquid discharge function:Our toilet brush has the function of lightly pressing it to discharge the liquid, and the liquid is discharged while brushing, which is more efficient and convenient for cleaning.
3.Anti-slip handle design: The toilet bowl cleaner brush has an ergonomic anti-slip handle design that fits the palm and is comfortable to hold. It will not slip during cleaning, saving time and effort.
4.Clean dead corners:The flat brush head can be bent to fully adapt to the angle of the edge and reach below the edge. The tip of the brush head is designed to better clean the edge of the toilet by bending the brush head upward.
5.Toilet brush is not only suitable for toilet, but also for cleaning sink, washbasin and bathtub.