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Silicone Bottle Brush Baby Pacifier Brush Straw Brush Rotary Washing Bottle Brush Cleaning Brush Set






1. Upgrade generation: food grade silicone bristles after nylon and sponge, flexible and durable, easy to remove dirt, no dirt and stains, no odor or shedding, but will not scratch the bottle.

2. The ergonomic, non-slip handle of the bottle brush for cleaning always ensures a firm grip. The brush is soft and flexible, keeping the mug clean without leaving any scratches.

3.Easy to clean: This silicone bottle brush is designed to reach into every corner of the bottle and clean them properly by removing residue. Can be cleaned individually and at high temperatures (up to 450°F), no residue, fast drying

4. Durable and hygienic: strong silicone bristle head always keeps its shape for a long time, strong scrubbing will not disintegrate, and will not absorb grease or odor

5. Perfect gift: Pacifier brush is the ideal gift for moms-to-be and new moms to ease the burden of motherhood. Save time and effort, easy to clean and easy to carry.