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Roadside Slope Mats Car Step Mats Rubber Roadside Slope Steps Sill Mats(CAR47)

Material: Plastic
Weight: 171g
Size: 18*9.2*5.5CM

1. Easy and convenient: Make it easier for those who use motorized scooters and wheelchairs, or even gardeners who use carts, garden carts or sack carts, to access their home or garden.
2. Rubber ramps can easily help heavy equipment climb without damaging tires or other parts.
3. Our rubber ramps have shock absorption and noise reduction capabilities designed to dampen any wheel or vehicle shock.
4. Ergonomic Design: Each curb ramp features a high-traction textured surface to increase friction and prevent slippage. The special mesh structure at the bottom makes our curb ramps more stable and not easy to move during use.
5. Safety facilities: The widened groove ramp at the bottom of each curb base allows water to pass through to prevent water accumulation at the bottom in rainy days.