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Multifunctional Portable Foldable Car Seat Tray Table Black Portable Car Back Seat Tray Table for Food, Meal, Snack, Laptop(CAR97)

Color: Color
Material: PP
Weight: 650g
Size: 34*21*4 CM

1. Ease of use: Keep everything you need at your fingertips! Just sit comfortably while traveling and grab your stuff whenever it's convenient for you. It's mostly used as a food tray and drink holder, but you can also put your phone, wallet, and anything you like on the tray for your convenience.
2. Multifunctional: The travel food and beverage tray is multifunctional. The Food and Beverage Cart Tray is constructed with 2 cup holders, a closed pocket, a mini flat and a multifunctional large flat, making clever use of such a small space.
3. Foldable: This tray can be conveniently hung on the back of the font seat even if you don't use it because it is foldable! Open the tray when you want to use it and put it away when you're done.
4. Easy to install: The food and beverage tray can be installed in just one minute. Simply attach the straps to the headrest frame and adjust.
5. The size of the tray is very compact, so you can store it in the back seat pocket when not in use. The bottom of the tray has hooks so you can hang your groceries and stuff.