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Mini Portable Bicycle Foot Pump with Pressure Gauge, Bike Tire Air Pump with Gas Ball Needle for Vehicles, Bike, Car (CAR116)

Color: Color
Material:Aluminum alloy + ABS
Weight: 530g

1. Judging by the pressure gauge, you can choose whether to continue to inflate,which makes the pressure of tires proper.
2. The pedal of bike foot pump has a good slip resistance by serrated surface texture.It's easy to inflate your bicycle tires,spend less effort and time.
3. It has good heat resistance and antifreeze.High-quality sealing ring and flexible tube make it can be used normally in winter and summer.
4. The size is small with light weight. If you are going to travel a long distance, it will be a great option with the mini pump.
5. It can be used for bicycles, motorcycles, electric cars, sports balls, balloons, inflatable dolls, swimming rings, hovercraft, etc.