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Feather Angel Wings Make-fun Cat Stick

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 These make-fun cat sticks are made of natural feathers. They are non-toxic materials and friendly to cats. Natural feathers inspire the wild nature of cats. The pole of Funny Cat is made of new elastic and hard materials, which are more flexible, light, and durable.

These make-fun cat sticks can build trust and partnership between the cat and the owner. It encourages the kitten to exercise by hitting, kicking, and swiping the cat ball and teaser stick. This feather toy is a great way for cats to stay healthy and agile during exercise. Games can help young kittens develop and coordinate their bodies.

These teasing toys will make cats jump around while playing. This will be a great way to stay healthy and have fun!
This category can provide hours of exercise and self-entertainment, which is very suitable for cats' daily aerobic exercise needs! Cats can stay busy while away from home. Burn off the excess energy of the kitten.