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Cute Baby Safety Helmet Toddler Head Protection Adjustable Baby Bumper Hat Head Pad Helmet Bumper Hat


Material:Polyester Fiber




1.High quality of material : Made of high grade cotton material, the fill-in layer is a high density and elastic sponge free from smell.

2. Baby helmets: For active children learning to walk, crawl and stand, head protection helmets can definitely save her from multiple collisions and bruises.

3. Adjustable size: The baby helmet measures 20 * 14 cm. With adjustable Velcro closure and chin strap design, ideal for babies aged 6-36 months.

4. Protect your baby's head: Shock absorption and impact resistance protect your baby. Perfect head protection to keep your child safe as they learn how to walk or play inside or outside.

5 Easy to clean: Keeping it clean is important for young children. This baby helmet is washable and will not deform after repeated washing.