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Creative piggy car ornaments car center console hand office desktop car interior decoration supplies




Size:17.5 *9.2* 11.2cm


1.Material: High quality natural resin, light weight and durable.

2. It is very suitable for hanging car rearview mirror, beautiful decorations in home or car.

3. Good luck: This cute pig will bring good luck, welfare, health, happiness, prosperity, peace to your family and friends.

4. Car accessories are a kind of culture, with some blessings and expectations, which reflect the personality and aesthetics of the car owner, and are in harmony with the interior decoration.

5. Small and exquisite, it will not affect the driving sight. The main part should not be too long, so as not to hit the glass when braking, and it may shake slightly when driving, which can well eliminate the driver's visual fatigue and increase safety.