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Creative Fruit Ball Excavator Multifunctional Fruit Carving Knife Household Three-in-One Watermelon Fruit Artifact

Color: Color

Material: Stainless Steel

Weight: 95g

 Size: 22 * 6.8*1.5cm


1. Stainless steel: not easy to rust to ensure contact with food, high hardness and corrosion resistance, durable and not easy to deformation

2. Multi-function: serrated edge carving knife, hemispherical digging spoon, quick removal of fruit seeds and peels, a variety of functional options, convenient life

3. Easy to use: compact and novel design allows you to easily and conveniently handle a variety of fruits, experience delicious and happy.

4. Convenient and quick: clean and hygienic, no dirty hands, easily brings you a high quality fruit platter effect, bringing you a more advanced enjoyment.

5. Safety and security: effectively prevent cuts and knife injuries when handling fruits, a must-have for every family and kitchen.