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Color Hollow Buckle Five-claw Buckle 10 Colors + Installation Tool Pliers Infant Children's Baby Four-in-one Buckle Five-claw Buckle


Material: High borosilicate glass + food grade silicone


Size:16*15*7cm /18*13*7cm


1. A variety of colors: There are 10 colors to choose from. Great for DIY crafts making clothes like shirts, backpacks, hats, baby jumpsuits, quilt covers, curtains, raincoats, pet clothes and more. Exercise your hands-on ability and enjoy the fun of DIY.

2. High-quality material: Our snaps are made of high-grade eco-friendly copper, which is bright, tough, durable, not easy to fade and deform. The snap pliers are made of high-quality aluminum, with a special anti-slip handle design, which is easy to control and use.

3. Easy to use: no hammer needed. No need to drill holes first. Our caliper set is very easy to use, just follow our pictures and you can make what you want. The clip won't fall out because the five sharp corners keep the clip stable.

4.DIY practice: Please follow our pictures for the first use, if you are not good at it or use it for the first time, we suggest you can practice with clothes you don't need.

5. Suggestion: Use small clothes that are very suitable for babies to make revisions to avoid problems such as weak clothes and loose wrapping.