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Car Tissue Box Non-slip Leather Car Tissue Box Accessories, With Elastic Band, Seat Back Paper Bag Folding Paragraph Home And Car Dual-use Type(CAR65)

Color: Color
Material: Leather
Size: 16.7*14*10.3cm

1. Buckle design: paper towel rack with buckle back of the elastic band. Easy to fix, stable, anti-shake and anti-slip. The elastic elastic band is suitable for different sizes of armrest boxes and seats.
2. Universal version:Suitable for most cars, also perfect for use in offices, homes, boats and RVs. You can also put the tissue box behind and below the center screen.
3. High quality material: The car tissue box is made of high quality leather material, which is soft to the touch, odorless, durable, not easily deformed and easy to clean.
4. Multi-scene use: the tissue box can be placed in the armrest box, above and below the center screen, on the instrument panel, behind the seat headrest, and on the sun visor.
5. Product size: 16.7 cm/6.57 inches long, 14 cm/5.51 inches wide, 10.3 cm/4.05 inches high. The size of the tissue paper used must be smaller than the size of the tissue box.