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Car Sun Visor - 2 in 1 Anti-glare Day And Night Car Sun Visor, Night Vision Anti-glare Driving Sun Visor, Car Windshield Goggle Shield(CAR38)


Material: PVC material
Weight: 360g
Size: 22 * 7 * 7cm

1. Anti-glare safety: Car visors with light filtering technology block excess glare and harmful UV rays. The gray version helps you drive safely on sunny days and snow-covered terrain with reflective backlighting. The yellow version blocks headlights at night and eliminates eye strain.
2. Improve contrast: Auto anti-glare visors help prevent sudden glare from bright sunlight and are especially useful in winter when sunlight is scarce.
3. Easy to install: The car anti-glare sun visor is very quick and easy to install, just clip it to the overhead sun visor. You can easily adjust its position. The visor can be adjusted by rotating it 180 degrees to suit your needs.
4. High quality material: Heat-resistant material eliminates heat-induced discoloration and warping over long periods of time, and the car visor is also made of PVC material, which is shockproof, compact, high quality and thick, very strong, and durable.
5. Universal size: This auto windshield visor has light filtering technology to enhance color and clarity, and fits 4.5-inch-7.5-inch wide visor installation perfectly for cars, trucks and SUVs and other vehicles.