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Car Modeling Ornament Car Phone Bracket Navigation Center Console Home Ornament Support Seat With Parking Number Plate(CAR46)

Color: Color
Material: PU raw materials
Weight: 171g
Size: 18*9.2*5.5CM

1. Appearance design: sports car-shaped phone holder, four color options, cool and practical.
2. Internal structure: upper and lower silicone slot structure, strong spring firmly lock the phone does not loosen or fall off.
3. Convenience: can be rotated 360 degrees, taking into account any angle, convenient for your life and improve driving pleasure.
4. Multifunctional bracket: number plate, aroma stick and bracket, three functions in one.
5. Strong backing: strong waterproof, strong adhesive, the bottom of the special strong nano glue, safe without traces, do not fall off and do not shake.