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Car Ashtray, Portable Handheld Walnut Mini Ashtray, No Ashtray, Suitable For Outdoor Indoor Car Smoking(CAR41)

Color: Color
Material:Walnut + metal + rubber
Weight: 117g
Size: 8 * 3.9* 15.4cm

1. Portable car ashtray can prevent ashes from falling everywhere, providing you with a clean and hygienic car and home environment.
2. Perfect gift: In addition to being a portable handheld ashtray, this is also a beautiful gift. Its body is made of high quality walnut wood, noble and elegant, just like a fine piece of art, plus gift box packaging, absolutely perfect gift for smoking fathers, husbands, boyfriends, friends, customers, etc.
3. Support many types of cigarettes: The portable car ashtray is equipped with 3 different sizes of silicone ashtrays, suitable for different types of cigarettes.
4. Easy to use: The portable car ashtray is small and light weight. It can be held in your hand just like an e-cigarette. Very convenient. You can also easily open the bottom cover to clean up the ashes and cigarette butts inside.
5. Better smoking: portable car ashtray is an innovative new product that allows you to enjoy not only the taste of real cigarettes, but also like e-cigarettes, avoiding ash everywhere, clean and hygienic, and avoiding some potential dangers.