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Car 360-degree Magnetic Mobile Phone Bracket Driver's Bench Paste Strong Magnetic Mobile Phone Rack Air Outlet Magnetic Suction Universal Bracket(CAR99)

Color: Color
Weight: 100g
Size: 6.55*2.8*1.01CM

1.Compatibility: The car vent magnetic phone holder works with any smartphone, but you have to use a metal plate or a magnetic case.
2.Easy to install and use: The car mount is very easy to install, just tear off the strong nano glue of the base and stick the mount where you want to install it to complete the installation.
3. Sturdy base upgrade clip: The base is made of high-viscosity nano-superglue, which will not leave traces after tearing it off, and it can also be attached to the inclined surface without hurting the car.
4. 360-degree rotation: The height and angle of the car phone holder can be adjusted at will, and it can be positioned and rotated 360 degrees. This full-rotation car magnetic phone holder can provide you with the best angle!
5. Service: This magnetic phone holder for car vents can easily and securely hold your phone through bumps, sharp turns and even sudden stops without worrying about the phone falling.