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Breathable Increased Insole

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A perfect height insole

Size 1 Pair (Pack of 1)
Material Silicone, Gel

  • Invisible heightening insoles, shoes, sports shoes, protective pads, heel pads, silicone gel lifting insoles, breathable heel pads
  • Increase in height immediately!
  • Before putting on your favorite shoes, put on the raised insoles inside the socks to make you 1 inch taller. Even if you take off your shoes, no one will know the secret of height increase. Note: Shoes slightly larger than the standard size will be better and more comfortable.
  • The heel lifting pad adopts a scientific U-shaped design, which can fit the edge of the wheel well to protect the heel. Very suitable to relieve pain caused by plantar fasciitis, corn, calluses, and heel spurs
  • Suitable for all men and women with high-sleeve shoes, boots, casual shoes, sports shoes, big sports shoes; low-top shoes or shoes that do not require socks are not suitable for lining!