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Blowing Bubbles Angel Girl Sculpture


Nordic light luxury angel bubble girl storage resin ornaments

Material Resin

★In a busy life, you need some color to break the dullness. Each shape is vivid, lively, and cute. Hand-painted, more vivid image;

★The desktop ornaments figurine is made from environmental protection resin material, high strength and wears resistance, strong stability, good heat resistance, and corrosion resistance. Non-toxic, tasteless, safe, and healthy, pure natural raw material, not easy to fade, can be stored for a long time. Choose resin for eco-friendly, well-made, beautifully decorated, and give your family more health protection;

★Fine workmanship, smooth edges, unique shape, rich colors, make you do not have to worry about being scratched while playing. Smooth lines, bright texture, and vivid colors. Perfect, sophisticated, and superb craftsmanship, forged exquisite texture, quality of detail, and enhanced home sty. Whether it’s the details or the shape, they all present different qualities;

★Our gorgeous and stunning collection of decorative accessories enhances your home decor. Our decorative accessories will inspire your creativity by designing your home and outdoor spaces.