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Baby Teething Stick Silicone Kitten Model Two Colours For Babies From 4 Months Professional Anti-eating Hand Soothing Teeth Toys

Color: Color


Colour: Nano/Transparent


Size: 10*7*7cm


1. Teething relief. Teething toy with massage pattern on the surface designed to massage baby's gums; teether can be frozen for extra soothing effect Teething toy relaxes mum and keeps baby happy.

2. Food grade silicone. The teether is soft and flexible, resistant to biting and wear, and does not hurt baby's mouth. A great gift for your friend's baby. Teething toy is soft, not bulky, can be chewed from all directions, comfortable to hold and easy for baby to put in the mouth.

3. Motor and co-ordination skills. The teething gel has the appearance of a cute cat with a torso for baby to grasp. Children can put the teether in and out of their mouths on their own, exercising their chewing and gripping skills.

4. Instructions for use. The teething gel can be sterilised in high temperature boiling water and the teething toy is heat resistant. When using for the first time, boil in boiling water for 5 minutes and then rinse well. Avoid using strong detergents and steel wool when cleaning.

5. Good storage. Available in bags , please choose according to your needs.