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Baby Teething Brush + Tongue Brush Set Silicone Material 0-18 months Newborn Available Toddler Oral Cleaner


Material: Silicone

Type:Teething Brush + Tongue Brush

Weight:150 g

Size:12*10*10 cm


1. Focus on your baby's early oral care. Our baby toothbrushes and tongue brushes help to solve your baby's oral health problems, effectively removing oral stains, milk stains and tongue fungus to keep your mouth clean.

2. Professional design. The handle is strong, flexible and long enough to reach every part of your baby's mouth with ease. 3. Stable and safe. With a perfectly sized lattice construction and double stitched fastening structure to prevent falling out, our baby toothbrush also massages the gums and helps relieve teething pain.

4. Easy to clean. A variety of cleaning methods are available, such as boiling, steam sterilisation and UV sterilisation are all possible.

5. The perfect gift for newborns. This toothbrush and tongue brush is suitable for babies aged 0-18 months and includes a storage case which can be used upside down as a mouthwash cup.