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Baby Sleeping Pillow Baby Comfort Pillow Anti-turnover Side Sleeping Pillow Anti-scare Pillow


Material: High elasticity cotton / Buckwheat hull

Style:Colorful Stones /Leisurely Paradise /Balloon Party-Blue /Balloon Party-Pink /Animal Paradise


Size: 45*26*12cm


1.Safeguard toddler side sleeper is perfect for babies 0-6 months body support side sleeper, provides support for the child's head and back, prevents spitting up, spitting up, eliminates the risk of vomiting or any breathing problems.

2. Prevent side falls. Preventing infants 6-12 months old from falling out of bed is a safety barrier for infants to sleep and prevent them from accidentally falling when they roll over.

3. Choice of quality materials: cotton material is used, comfortable and soft, friendly to infant skin. The pillow is filled with natural buckwheat, moisture absorption and perspiration, calming and tranquilizing.

4. Comfortable pillow cushion is the perfect gift choice for newborn babies, children, pregnant women, friends, family as birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, etc.